CRYPTOSIS Launch New Single / Video “The Silent Call”

November 6, 2023, a month ago

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CRYPTOSIS Launch New Single / Video “The Silent Call”

Following their Bionic Swarm debut album from 2021, Dutch progressive death / thrash metal outfit Cryptosis continue to push the boundaries of the style with a new EP entitled The Silent Call, scheduled for release December 1st, 2023.

The EP’s title track “The Silent Call” can be explored now in a video created by the film Production Company F/53.

Also, you can check out “The Silent Call” digitally here. Or, visit the band’s webshop to pre-order physical copies of the EP.

Next to the brand new song that serves as title-track to this release, the EP contains the previously unreleased song “Master Of Life” (from the 2021 album sessions) as well as live versions of the album songs “Prospect Of Immortality” and “Transcendence” recorded in Athens, Greece in November 2022 during Cryptosis’ latest European tour.

Cryptosis comment about the new song “The Silent Call” as follows: “'The Silent Call' is a thought-provoking glimpse into a world where the lines between reality and artificial control blur, leaving individuals feeling lost and insignificant in the midst of sprawling, concrete jungles we call cities. A hauntingly introspective track that casts a shadow over our human existence. It's a sonic journey that invites you to contemplate the complexities of modern life and the eerie silence of the unseen forces shaping our world.”

“The Silent Call” serves not only as a new sign of life by Cryptosis, but also as first warning shot in anticipation of the band’s new studio album, which is in the works for next year... so better look out!

For further details, visit Cryptosis on Facebook.


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