DEMONSTEALER – The Propaganda Machine Album Trailer Streaming

January 18, 2023, a year ago

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DEMONSTEALER – The Propaganda Machine Album Trailer Streaming

From Demonic Resurrection frontman Demsontealer comes The Propaganda Machine. The album features an elite ensemble of some of the best metal musicians. The 8-track album is relentless in its brutality while still remaining melodic. Lyrically, the album is a hard-hitting take on the polarized world today and one that speaks truth to power. Check out a new album trailer:

The Propaganda Machine Indian metal veteran Demonstealer (from Demonic Resurrection) brings together 4 drummers, 4 bassists, 3 lead guitarists, and a keyboardist from the top metal bands to collaborate with. The musicians featured come from all across the globe.

Featured Artists:
Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Triptykon, Blotted Science)
James Payne (Kataklysm, Hiss From The Moat)
Ken Bedene (Aborted)
Sebastian Lanser (Obsidious/Panzerballett)
Anabelle Iratni (Veile)
Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe (First Fragment, Augury, BARF)
Stian Gundersen (Blood Red Throne, You Suffer, Son of a Shotgun)
Martino Garattoni (Ne Obliviscaris, Ancient Bards)
Kilian Duarte (Abiotic, Scale The Summit)
Lead Guitar
Alex Baillie (Cognizance)
Dean Paul Arnold (Primalfrost)
Sanjay Kumar (Equipoise, Wormhole, Greylotus)

The artwork was done by Daemorph Art and the album was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland.

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