DOOMBOYZ Release Debut Album, “The Reaper” Music Video; Endorsed By METALLICA’s ROBERT TRUJILLO

July 10, 2024, a week ago

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DOOMBOYZ Release Debut Album, “The Reaper” Music Video; Endorsed By METALLICA’s ROBERT TRUJILLO

Los Angeles, CA-based stoner rock/doom metal outfit Doomboyz have unleashed their debut album Evil Riffs From Los Angeles today across all music platforms via Regime Music Group. The album was recorded at the Foo Fighters’ coveted Studio 606 where it was engineered, mixed & mastered by Robert Adam Stevenson (Queens Of The Stone Age, Jane’s Addiction, Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp).

To celebrate the release of the album, Doomboyz have released a brand new music video for "The Reaper". The video was directed by Danilo Dayani on both 16mm film and HD digital and plays out like a vintage grindhouse film as the band are one by one taken out by a merciless death cult.

"The Reaper is a hard riff driven meditation on death and the salvation from suffering it can provide," commented Doomboyz frontman Amit Gilad. "The song is written from the perspective of The Grim Reaper seeking...or seducing her victim, as well as describing a harrowing death of attrition in the desert where the soul contemplates the end and is coaxed into death's embrace. Welcome to Hell..."

Musically Doomboyz summon the sludgy hard rock of Alice In Chains, Danzig and Kyuss, and then mix it together with a healthy hit of doom riffs that were perfected by Black Sabbath and Sleep. Taking inspiration from the legendary desert parties and windswept riffs that defined classic stoner rock records, Doomboyz are defined by big heavy riffs, headbanging backbeats and a healthy dose of LA sleaze.

Doomboyz have been turning heads in and around the Los Angeles scene after the band recently jammed on stage at a recent show with Metallica's Robert Trujillo and Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith performing Black Sabbath classics. Trujillo said, "This band blew my head off" referring to Doomboyz. Kyuss guitarist Brant Bjork also chimed in after hearing the band's new album Evil Riffs From Los Angeles calling it, "A seriously rad rock record in search of seriously rad car stereos everywhere."

Doomboyz arrived on the scene in 2022. When it was time to cut their debut record, they were connected by friend John Theodore of Queens of the Stone Age to Robert Adam Stevenson and the team at Studio 606. Studio 606 is home to the legendary Sound City Neve 8028 console that has minted classic records for Metallica, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Slayer and countless others. That studio was also the focus of the 2013 documentary film Sound City directed by Dave Grohl, which chronicled the history of recording at Sound City Studios.

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