Exclusive: ANDY CURRAN Premieres Lookin’ For Love Mini-Documentary

December 7, 2023, 2 months ago

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Exclusive: ANDY CURRAN Premieres Lookin’ For Love Mini-Documentary

BraveWords is premiering the mini-documentary of Andy Curran’s Lookin’ For Love. The documentary shows the process of Curran recording the new “old” song “Lookin’ For Love”, featured on the 30th anniversary edition of his debut solo album Whiskey & The Devil.

 “When I started working on the rerelease of my debut solo album (AC 30th Whiskey & The Devil) It opened up a flood of memories, including finding a song called ‘Lookin’ For Love’ which I had written for that record, but never recorded. 

“Geoff Osler the CEO of Sing said ‘Too bad you don’t have a new song,’ to which I replied…How about a new ‘old’ song? 

“I called up my original band mates Simon Brierley and Glenn Milchem and asked if they we’re up for reforming for a day or two to record ‘Lookin’ For Love’. I then asked by bud Sean Kelly to round out the band line up and we went back to Metalworks Studio where it all began and recorded the song. We had a blast! 

“My friend & videographer Jaden D was a fly on the wall in the studio and he took all my old video tapes and photos and made a cool mini- doc capturing the entire ride. The cherry on the top was Harry Hess adding some vocals and Vic Florencia (Juno Award winning engineer) mixing and recording the song.”

Purchase Whiskey & The Devil 30th here.

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