Exclusive: Halifax’s TURBO Premieres “Alive” Single

March 3, 2020, 3 years ago

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Exclusive: Halifax’s TURBO Premieres “Alive” Single

Cruising in from the Canadian Maritimes is Turbo, brandishing their signature brand of potent “Nitro-Rock”. To introduce this onslaught of riffs and madness to the world, they are releasing their debut album Fast As Fvck later this year and kicking the party off with the single “Alive”, premiered through BraveWords!

Between them, the members of Turbo have played every loud-music genre there is to name and these experiences have worked together to shape the current sound with an emphasis on rock and punk. These genres formed the base for their planned debut full length, which Turbo explains in their own words:

“Fast As Fvck is a sort of homage to true rock and roll in its most vicious and visceral form. Each of the seven tracks hit like a swift kick to the teeth from a whole new angle of attack, but the assault is far from a mindless battering to the eardrums. The album ebbs and flows through different moods and subtleties with sophisticated craftsmanship.”

Coined as a gateway drug into the gritty rock and roll lifestyle, it’s raw, real and punches full of passion. The in your face attitude that radiates from the album, is translated into the stage presence of the group and they quote:

“‘Alive’, which is more or less a written testament to bad-decisions with one of the most badass riffs on the album slapped on top of it. The song features a call-and-response guitar harmony and an anthemic chorus. There’s not too much more to say on it apart from being among the most fun songs on the album; definitely one to do a keg stand along to.”

Recommended for those who like W.A.S.P., Motorhead and Guns n’ Roses, fans that take interest in this fresh record shouldn’t have to wait too long for another dose, as writing has commenced for more tunes to follow once the debut album is out.


“Burning The Wick”
“Living On The Line”
“Silver Spoon”
“Make Bail”
“Last Cal”
“Serpents Coil” 

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