Exclusive: ORCHID’S CURSE Premiere “Divided By Everything” Single

May 3, 2023, a year ago

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Exclusive: ORCHID’S CURSE Premiere “Divided By Everything” Single

With over a decade of musical output, Canada’s Orchid’s Curse continues to create a beautiful amalgamation of brutal metal, progressive melody, and intelligent thought-provoking lyrics. Whether in a live setting or on an album, Orchid’s Curse refuses stagnation and orders your full attention. Thus far, they have released an impressive five albums, and the sixth The Decay is just around the corner. 

Leading up to this release, they are debuting the single “Divided By Everything” through BraveWords, a short and to-the-point ripper, which they comment on:

“It serves its purpose and gets the mosh pit moving. Lyrically this song dives into the political farce that is left versus right divide occurring in most Western cultures with the chorus stating simply ‘Divided by Everything, Bonded by Division’. We are all being played by the elite, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you may lean on.”

In the early days, the band had more of a standard, mid-2000s metalcore sound. With each new release, the band has continued to progress and refine its sound. They hope that fans will find The Decay as an extension of modern-era Orchid’s Curse. The five songs on the album expand across the spectrum of melodic and progressive thrash and hardcore.

Each of the five seasoned musicians has different musical influences, making it hard to pigeonhole them into a particular genre, they include elements of thrash, groove, death, melodic, prog, and hardcore. They are recommended for fans of At the Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Burnt By The Sun.

Album preorder is available on Bandcamp.


“Better Men”
“Dead Idols”
“The Divergence Of Man”
“Divided By Everything”
“Pay To Prey”

Orchid's Curse is: 
Josh Hogan - Vocals 
Brian Jones - Guitar/Vocals 
Keith MacLeod - Guitar 
Jason Szeto - Bass 
Alex Wrathell - Drums


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