FALCK Releases New Song "Blood Of Khan"; Music Video

November 28, 2023, 5 months ago

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FALCK Releases New Song "Blood Of Khan"; Music Video

Sid Falck (ex-Overkill) has released a new song, "Blood Of Khan", with special guests Dano Hibbs (Breeding Thorns) and Evie Austin (Inscribed & Faethom), under the Falck name.

Sid Falck: "Clearly this is inspired by Genghis Khan. However, it’s not really about the brutal butcher. Though there are enough history to fill books about him This is actually, from my POV in writing, about standing up for yourself, your ideals, your beliefs and, especially, your self worth and right to be.

"It seems too often, society, or elements of society, will just about publicly Lynch you, if your opinion doesn’t exactly match theirs. So really, for me, this is about standing by your right to believe that your opinion is just as valid as others; That you have the right to want to be safe even if you don’t fit “someones” vision of what’s “normal or acceptable“. So really, as far as I’m concerned, you should be free to live life as you see fit, as long as you allow everyone else to do the same. So, yeah. It’s about being ready to stand up for yourself, find your inner warrior if necessary, finding your inner Genghis Khan.

"Once again, I turned to Dano Hibbs for the guitar leads. There’s just something really special about his feel, that I have become a huge fan of. It’s somewhere along the Cannavino/Zakk Wylde school of playing to my ears.

"On this song, I also asked a young bass player, Evie Austin, who’s from the Miami, FL area, to do the bass. Here’s the crazy thing, Evie was only 17 when she recorded her track, actually, she just turned 18 two days ago!! The pure talent of that bass track, for someone that young, just absolutely blows me out of the water. I mean, holy crap. I can definitely see myself inviting Evie to help on future songs."

"Blood Of Khan" can be downloaded here for “set your own price”, making it a free download, should you so choose. An accompanying video can be viewed below. "Blood Of Khan" is / will also be available on all streaming and digital platforms.

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