GÖDEN – Spiritual Successor To Death Doom Legends WINTER Share “Urania" Music Video

May 14, 2024, 6 days ago

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GÖDEN – Spiritual Successor To Death Doom Legends WINTER Share “Urania" Music Video

On Göden's latest album, Vale Of The Fallen, the sound is heavier than ever and the title track does not disappoint. The new album will be out May 17 via Svart Records. Preorder at the Svart Records webshop. The video “Urania” by Dan Blafford aka Dreambreeder 079 is out now

Göden creator Stephen Flam is best known for his previous work with the band Winter whose sludgy dirge earned a loyal cult following. One could consider Göden to be the spiritual successor to Winter - Winter is to Göden as Celtic Frost is to Triptykon.

And Vas Kallas shared these comments:

"These songs were slowly written starting in 2020 during the pandemic. They are mostly conjured up by the science fiction world we all had to endure as humans on this one planet we share. I believe in individualism, freedom, and self-wisdom. I also believe in finding yourself and escaping into yourself or meditative worlds to understand it all or to just look to the skies from where we all came.. or did we? I don’t expect everyone to understand any of this and I don’t ask anyone to, since it is purely art and up to the interpretation of the individual. Words and lyrics to me are like psychic colors on a paintbrush. It’s either pretty or ugly, soothing or disturbing.

"Since the last 4 years, there has been a lot of darkness in the truth, a lot of hatred, humanity going absolutely mad, and a lot of people striving to find their tribe. I personally strive for hope and seek the higher realm of positivity always, but in the meantime, we find ourselves in the 'Vale Of The Fallen'…."

Göden's debut album, Beyond Darkness stood on its own in creating a distinctive world. Now, four years later, they explore new sonic territories with their second album, Vale Of The Fallen. Where Beyond Darkness was a concept album that propelled listeners into space, both inner and outer, Vale Of The Fallen brings us back to twisted reality. The in-your-face approach intensifies the experience - much like a walk through a post-apocalyptic landscape in the bleakest imaginable conditions.

Sound-wise, Stephen Flam's heavier-than-life riffs, Vas Kallas's sardonic delivery, and Tony Pinnisi's keyboards create oppressive atmospheres atop Jason Frantz's powerful drumming, while in contrast, Margaret Murphy’s violin weaves ghostly motifs throughout. Like its predecessor, Vale Of The Fallen features interludes that provide brief respites between some tracks, only to return to the crushing avalanche of sound.


“The Divine”
“In The Vale Of The Fallen”
“Black Vortex”
“Rings Of Saturn”
“Death Magus”
“Manifestation IX”
“Majestic Symphony”

"Urania" video:

“In The Vale Of The Fallen”:

Svart Records will also re-release Winter’s Into Darkness once more, putting the album back in print for a new generation of listeners. Into Darkness was a gateway drug to the dark depths of sludge metal, and now awaits a whole new throng of acolytes to bow down before the throne of heavy doom.

Now available for preorders on different limited color editions, classic CD-version, and beautiful c-cassette. Into Darkness will also be released on May 17, 2024. Preorder at the Svart Records webshop.

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