HAMMER KING Take You Behind The Scenes Of "Pariah Is My Name" Music Video

June 15, 2022, 2 years ago

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HAMMER KING Take You Behind The Scenes Of "Pariah Is My Name" Music Video

Hammer King will release their new studio album, Kingdemonium, on August 19 via Napalm Records. Together with the recent album announcement, the band released the first single and video from the record, “Pariah Is My Name”.

An update from the band states: "We are proud to grant you a view behind the scenes - here is the making of 'Pariah Is My Name', our new video and single! Shot by the wonderful Mirko Witzki, we had an intense day: We looked into the abyss, we stood on the summit, we feared the rain, we braved the storm, we got burned by the sun - and we won against the senior mayor! Here is Hammer King at the Hamburger Wappen in the Harz Mountains. God bless the King, may the King bless you!"

Watch the official music video for “Pariah Is My Name” below.

Kingdemonium highlights the core essence of Hammer King and fully reflects on the strengths of the band, kicking off with first track “Invisible King”. The title track, “Kingdemonium” then proves its pure power from the first note and goes all the way with thundering drums, riffs made of steel, and energetic vocals. Followed by “The Four Horsemen”, starting off slower, the track quickly picks up the pace mid-journey through the world of the Hammer King. “Guardians of the Realm" (featuring Ross The Boss), stands out from the rest with the vigorous vocals riddled with acoustic guitar elements, while "Live Long, Die Nasty" is a future live hit that will have all crowds screaming along immediately. An album made of pure steel in the name of the Hammer King.

Kingdemonium will be available in the following formats:

- Wooden Deluxe Box (incl. 1 CD Digisleeve, 3-Track Bonus CD (Andreas Marschall Artwork), Signed Certificate of Authenticity, Leather Wristband, Hammer King Map) - strictly limited to 300
- 1LP Gatefold Vinyl Marbled Blue/Black (incl. Signed postcard, Bonus Track “Ashes of My Oath” Download Card) - strictly limited to 300
- 1LP Gatefold Vinyl Black (incl. Bonus Track “Ashes of My Oath” Download Card)
- 1CD Digisleeve (6 Panels)
- Music Cassette - strictly limited to 100
- Digital Album

Pre-order here.

Kingdemonium tracklisting:

"Invisible King"
"Pariah Is My Name"
"We Shall Rise"
"Live Long, Die Nasty"
"The 7th Of The 7 Kings"
"Other Kingdoms Fall"
"The Four Horsemen"
"Guardians Of The Realm"
"Age of Urizen"

Bonus tracks:

"Mark Of The Beast"
"Ashes Of My Oath"
"Holy Is The Hammer"
"Hammerschlag" (Gerre version)

"Pariah Is My Name" video:


Titan Fox V - vocals/guitar
Gino Wilde - guitar
Günt von Schratenau - bass
Dolph Aidan Macallan - drums

(Photo - Tim Tronckoe)

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