HELIX Frontman BRIAN VOLLMER Pays Tribute To BRIGHTON ROCK Vocalist GERRY McGHEE - "We'll Break Bread When I Meet Ya On The Other Side"

August 27, 2020, 3 years ago

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HELIX Frontman BRIAN VOLLMER Pays Tribute To BRIGHTON ROCK Vocalist GERRY McGHEE - "We'll Break Bread When I Meet Ya On The Other Side"

On August 25th, Brighton Rock vocalist Gerald Damian "Gerry" McGhee - who found more worldwide success with Isotope Music Canada, Isotope Music UK, and the recent major resurgence of vinyl, launching Precision Record Pressing - passed away due to cancer. Helix frontman Brian Vollmer has posted the following tribute to Gerry:

"A great singer and friend died today: Gerry McGhee, lead vocalist for Brighton Rock.

Although I toured with Gerry during the '80s, what I really remember him for is how he treated me when I first started selling my own records. By that time it was the late '90s; times were tough for both Helix and Brighton Rock, but Gerry was smart enough, resourceful enough, and worked hard enough to establish Isotope Records in Burlington. Isotope worked as a distributor of CDs to Europe and around the world. Gerry had become quite wealthy with his company. Meanwhile, Helix had lost it's major record deal with Capitol / EMI, then Aquarius, and then it was us on our own. I was struggling financially. Lynda and I worked seven days a week to pay the bills.

When I first started doing my own indie CDs, Gerry would buy them from me and distribute them to Europe. It was a hard game for me; sometimes I'd be shipping CDs to distributors (or they said they were) and I'd have to wait for payment. The only two guys who would pay me as soon as I delivered the CDs were Tom Mathers of Perris Records and Gerry. Gerry would actually go down to the bank with me and co-sign the check so the bank would cash it and give it to me on the spot. That's how desperate I was for cash at that time. If Gerry sensed that (and I'm sure he did) he never let on. I had so much respect for him because of that.

They say the good die young. I'm in shock right now - this has happened so unexpectedly. Gerry kept this a big secret 'cos he obviously didn't want to go out with a lot of fanfare. That's just how he lived life - humble and low key. Gonna miss ya, buddy. Sorry we never went for that meal we've been talking about for a year. We'll break bread when I meet ya on the other side."

Brighton Rock released four albums throughout their career including Brighton Rock (1985), Young, Wild and Free (1986), Take a Deep Breath (1988), Love Machine (1991) and hits including “Can’t Wait For The Night” and "One More Try”.

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