HELLYEAH Cancel Three Upcoming Shows Due To Guitarist TOM MAXWELL's "Trigger Finger" Injury

September 1, 2019, 4 years ago

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HELLYEAH Cancel Three Upcoming Shows Due To Guitarist TOM MAXWELL's "Trigger Finger" Injury

Just prior to the release of Hellyeah's new album, Welcome Home, guitarist Tom Maxwell will undergo hand surgery, as he explained to Rock 100.5 the KATT's Cameron Buchholtz backstage at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma on August 14th. An excerpt has been transcribed as follows:

"I have to get hand surgery in September, which is going to knock us out for about two months while I rehabilitate. I got in a car accident and broke my middle finger in my left hand. I keep getting trigger finger, which - it gets stuck. It's really odd... an odd feeling. So I've got a series of cortisone shots, which the percentage of the cure rate from that is about 70 percent. Unfortunately, I didn't fall into that. So now (my doctor is) gonna go in and make a little incision and go in here and fix what's not right. I can't keep getting these cortisone shots. You're only allowed to have a certain amount. So I just have to get it done."

Unfortunately, Hellyeah have been forced to cancel some upcoming shows so that Maxwell can prepare for his upcoming hand surgery. Maxwell has issued the following statement:

"I was scheduled to have surgery following our last show at Blue Ridge Rock Festival. My condition has worsened and my physician has advised me against performing again prior to surgery. I was previously involved in a car accident and broke the middle finger on my left hand. I now suffer from trigger finger, a condition that causes my finger to lock. I received a series of cortisone shots to alleviate the problem, however, the cure rate is about 70%. Unfortunately, that procedure did not work in my case.

I am devastated that my finger has been very stiff and painful. We have been performing at our very best and the support of all those who have paid tribute to Vinnie Paul has really helped us recover from our loss. We will reschedule the headline shows. I'm really sorry we could not perform for you this time… But we will see you soon!"

The following shows have been cancelled:

6 - Jacksonville, NC
7 - Greenville, SC 
8 - Concord, VA

Hellyeah's final album with Vinnie Paul, Welcome Home - a truly stunning album that does both Vinnie’s memory and groundbreaking legacy proud - is slated for release on September 27th, through Eleven Seven Music. The eagerly anticipated new album, featuring the late Vinnie Paul’s final recordings, will unleash 11 tracks, driven by their love, loyalty, reverence and respect for their fallen brother.

Pre-order the album here.


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