IDOL THRONE Releases “Total Burner” With “Petrified” Single

May 17, 2024, 3 weeks ago

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IDOL THRONE Releases “Total Burner” With “Petrified” Single

Indiana’s thrash/power/prog metal band Idol Throne will drop its new full-length, entitled A Clarion Call, on May 31 via Stormspell Records. The new album, follower of the 2022’s debut LP The Sibylline Age, is composed of eight tracks for almost 50 minutes of playing time and will delight the fans of Symphony X, Heathen, Angra, and Fates Warning. New single and lyric video for "Petrified" is streaming below. 

“‘Petrified’ was born out of some riffs I was playing around with one night that ultimately became the intro and verses of the song. I developed it further into a full song and while the intention was originally to include it on a later release, we felt it was strong enough to add to the group of songs that we were working on for album 2. The lyrics are a tale about psychosis as a result of sleep paralysis and the vibe of the music reflects the different lyrical sections of the song." - co-lead guitarist Martin Bowman

"This song is a total burner, with an intense verse riff that doesn't let up! Aaron's drums are a real highlight of this song for me, as the entire affair is just a barrage of double kick and super tight accents throughout the chorus and heavy middle section. I'm really proud of the solos on this one as well, with mine being a real "going for it" moment on the record, followed by a super cool harmonized run and a massive outro chorus. I can't wait for our fans to hear this one! Short, sweet, and definitely intense!" - co-lead guitarist Jason Schultz

Through the band’s inception in 2018 to the release of debut LP The Sibylline Age in 2022, Idol Throne has sought to blend Bay-Area thrash, US power, and progressive metal into a unique sound to call its own. With the new album A Clarion Call, the quintet simultaneously hone and expand everything that made the debut work special, while evolving the boundaries of what the band is and can be.

Idol Throne takes the listener on a sonic journey across 8 diverse tracks, from aggressive, pummeling thrashers and haunting neoclassical excursions to grandiose and powerful multi-part epics and progressive-rock inflected soundscapes. A Clarion Call is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders and ready to truly break out onto the scene.

“To me, A Clarion Call is Idol Throne taking the sound we developed on The Sibylline Age and expanding upon it in a way that showcases the growth of this band over the past few years. Not every band makes it to a second album, and not only did we get there, but we created something that I feel truly makes a statement. That’s an accomplishment I couldn’t be happier with,” says co-lead guitarist and keyboardist Martin Bowman.

A Clarion Call was produced by Martin Bowman and Jason Schultz. Mixed and mastered by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording. Artwork by Mark Erskine/Erskine Designs. Photo by Kyle Bergfors/KB Imaging Co. Band logo by ModBlackMoon Logos, Marble effect by Daniel “Pitforge” Porta.

Preordre A Clarion Call on Bandcamp.


“Covenant Of The Immortal”
“King Among Jackals”
“The Last Voyage”
“A Clarion Call”
“System Simulacrum”
“Falconer’s Cry”

"Petrified" lyric video:

“The Last Voyage” lyric video:

Idol Throne is:
Jake Quintanilla - Vocals
Martin Bowman - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jason Schultz - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals
Trevor Kuta - Bass
Aaron Grove - Drums and Percussion

(Photo – Kyle Bergfors)

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