IHATE Featuring CHRIS BARNES - Eight Song Demo Streaming

December 29, 2014, 8 years ago

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IHATE Featuring CHRIS BARNES - Eight Song Demo Streaming

Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes and multi-instrumentalist/fellow horror enthusiast Bob Taggett have teamed up to create what Barnes describes as, "a masterpiece of brutal, violent death metal." The former Cannibal Corpse singer goes on to say, "I'm really stoked that I got to work on this album. The fans know that I'm no stranger to writing some sick lyrics, but the stuff I have come up with this time is entirely over-the-top even by my standards."

The eight-song demo from IHate can be streamed below, and is available for purchase as a digital download via CDBaby.


"First Responder"
"Attack With Confidence"
"In The Dumpster"
"Seeing Red"
"Open Up"
"All Or Nothing"


Videos for "Seeing Red" and "Stretcher" have also been posted:



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