Inside EDDIE VAN HALEN's Sacred Sin Party

October 3, 2006, 17 years ago

news rock hard eddie van halen has issued the following report:

You have to hand it to the man, when EDDIE VAN HALEN throws a party, he throws a party! Not sure what to make of any of this... but here's a couple of posts from those at the private party...

"On Saturday night, September 30th, I went to the greatest party of my entire life. And I have been to some pretty wild parties in my day, people. But this one took the cake. The event, dubbed "The Gathering," was a release party for the Michael Ninn-directed adult film Sacred Sin, which features two brand new instrumental songs by the great Eddie Van Halen. The party was thrown at Eddie's house (!!!) and was an extravagant, decadent affair unlike anything I have ever been to. Yes, you read that right, the porn party was at Eddie-friggin'-Van-Halen's house!!!

How awesome was this soirée, you wonder? Well, there were scantily clad and/or naked chicks everywhere, there were half-naked Cirque du Soleil-type performers doing acrobatics in and outside the house, there were guys on stilts walking around, there were rock stars and porn stars galore, there was an open bar, tons of great food and hor's d'oeuvres, plus Eddie played a set of Van Halen songs with an all-star backing band, and later entertained a small room with a piano recital!"

The remainder of this report, along with some photos, can be found here.

From "venom thrust" on VHLinks: "Alright guys. I'm back and my head hurts. Let me describe the evening for you... naked porn chicks in Eddie's pool followed by naked porn chicks licking each other in and out of the pool. Acrobats hanging from the ceiling (kind of a Cirque de Soleil show) and drinks everywhere. For starters, BILLY IDOL was a no show. The rumor has it he didn't want to be associated with the porn industry.

Direct quote from Eddie, 'I never missed a fucking gig in my life!'

Billy showed up for the rehearsal Friday but didn't want to make the show Saturday. They gave out goodie bags with choice watches, g-string, mini alcohol bottle and copy of the new DVD. I hung out with Brian from Mark & Brian radio show. What a dweeb. He and his buddy were trying to pick up women all night. Just don't think it worked.

Eddie played with a band called THE STAR FUCKERS. They were really hot. I asked the lead singer if he was gonna be singer #4 for Van Halen (tongue in cheek) and he said, 'If that were the case I'd be licking your balls right now.'

Eddie played all the VH hits and was in pretty good form. Out of everyone at the party he was the only one that looked like he didn't belong in the house. He sat around the living room tuning his guitar half the night and he had his trademark ripped boots with the toe showing. He walked around with a bottle of wine all evening. I talked to his publicist Janie and asked three questions. 'Will Eddie continue to work with Michael Ninn in the future?' She said that was up in the air right now. Depending on how sales go with the DVD release. I asked her about the project he wanted to do with Alex and Wolfie and she said that is definitely in the works. And hopes to have something out by summer. And I asked the big question. 'Will Eddie work with David Lee Roth again?' And she said that Eddie has no problem working with Roth if they can put something together. I was unable to talk directly with Eddie because he was either playing on stage or mingling with the guests. Alex Van Halen was a no show."

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