INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT II Featuring JOHN LAWTON Release "Things We Can't Do" Video

December 12, 2014, 9 years ago

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INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT II Featuring JOHN LAWTON Release "Things We Can't Do" Video “Things We Can't Do” is the third official video of the all-star project My Kind O' Lovin' (2014), featuring John Lawton (ex-Uriah Heep). The project also involves fabulous drummer and musical producer Simon Phillips, along with Joseph Williams from Toto.


The Bulgarian producer Milen Vrabevski, author and producer of all songs, has also invited some of the best Bulgarian musicians to take part in the recording sessions of My Kind O' Lovin'. Lawton belts out a beautiful lead vocal in “Things We Can't Do”, together with a very fine solo guitar and acoustic piano arrangement, as well as a powerful Philharmonic Orchestra set by the producer Vrabevski.





The video is shot in a famous musical club in Sofia, Bulgaria and also includes footage from the recording sessions in Intelligent Music Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria and the legendary Phantom Recordings studio in Los Angeles. Watch below:

Says Milen Vrabevski: “The higher power goodwill regarding everything you can do with your life comes first to your mind. That's the reason we do not set boundaries to our minds, and we do not forget that in order to reach the Divine part of ours, we have to live in service of others. Then the magic appears and we realize there is nothing impossible. Meanwhile we realize that eternity isn't something we transcend in. We're an integral part of it with everything we do, if we do it for our fellows. Love and the circle of people closest to us remain our hope. They help us to realize there is no way leading to happiness; happiness is the way we walk along following the Divine call in us …”





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