IRON MAIDEN Frontman BRUCE DICKINSON To Visit Israel On What Does This Button Do? Spoken Word Tour

August 20, 2018, 5 years ago

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IRON MAIDEN Frontman BRUCE DICKINSON To Visit Israel On What Does This Button Do? Spoken Word Tour

According to The Jerusalem Post, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will be visiting Israel to plug his 2017 autobiography, What Does This Button Do? He is embarking on spoken-word tour that stops in Israel on December 3rd at the Opera House in Tel Aviv.

"The book and his stage performance will offer behind-the-scenes recollections of his 30 years with Maiden – one of the premier British hard rock bands of the late 20th century – as well as his childhood, his realized dream of flying jumbo jets and his recent battle with tongue cancer. All ticket buyers will receive a copy of Dickinson’s book; and if you wait in line, an autographed copy probably wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility."

In a 2017 interview with BBC’s The Nolan Show, Dickinson discussed What Does This Button Do?, available now via HarperNonFiction.

On taking on more pressure by writing a book, Bruce states: “I didn’t feel any pressure when I was writing the book, I was really enjoying it. About half the book I wrote in the pub. I used to go down my local and I hand-wrote it on A4, so I’d have a couple of beers and make them last for about 2, 3 hours ’cause I’d be busy scribbling away.”

Listen below:

Heavy metal pioneers since their formation in 1975, Iron Maiden have sold over 90 million albums and played over 2000 shows in 63 countries, making them one of the most successful and globally influential bands of all time. One of the world’s most storied musicians, Bruce Dickinson has been the band’s internationally-acclaimed lead singer for more than 30 years, and quite aside from the decades spent delivering high-octane performances with his larger-than-life persona, Bruce has lived an extraordinary off-stage existence too. A true polymath, Bruce is, or has been, an airline pilot and captain, an aviation entrepreneur, a beer brewer, motivational speaker, film scriptwriter, twice-published novelist, radio presenter, TV actor and a world-class fencer.

Over the last couple of years, and throughout Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls World Tour, which has covered 39 countries and 117 shows since February 2016, Bruce has turned his unbridled creativity to writing his memoirs, longhand (in seven A4 notebooks no less).

In What Does This Button Do?, Bruce (a man who famously never gives interviews about his personal life) shares, for the first time, the most fascinating recollections, including his thirty years with Maiden, the early days, his childhood within the eccentric British school system, going solo, realising his dream of flying jumbo jets and his recent battle with tongue cancer. Bruce Dickinson is so much more than the frontman of one of the biggest bands on the planet. A rock icon, a true renaissance man, Bruce has been, and remains, a man of legend.

Bold, honest, intelligent and very entertaining, What Does This Button Do? is the long-awaited window into the life, heart and mind of one of our most adventurous and multifaceted sons. The global publication on October 19th will be accompanied with a commensurate international book tour. More details to come soon.

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