JEFF WATERS Completes Work On "Three Killer Rock Records"; ANNIHILATOR Reissues On The Way

November 28, 2023, 4 months ago

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JEFF WATERS Completes Work On "Three Killer Rock Records"; ANNIHILATOR Reissues On The Way

Annihilator frontman / founder Jeff Waters has posted a message to social media updating fans on what he's been up to.

Says Waters: "I think some of you have guessed my silence on social media is because I have been working my butt off, makin music. Yup! The couple of years, when we were "interrupted", let me take care of business and of the business of making new, fresh music... music that is out of the realm of the "Metal" I have been doing all of my adult life. (keeping in mind that the word "adult" is def not a way to describe me all the time! haha!) I just finished 3 records in 3 dif styles, with dif people, as of last weekend, and I am very glad to have gotten the creative stuff out of me that I had built up, since my pre-metal, young kid years!

Yes, I  have written songs for other artists (country, pop ballads, etc...) since 1993, however I've had no time nor outlet to do an actual record, other than with ANNIHILATOR, since 1985 🙂 It's GREAT to take a break! So I will wait for the "company", that has taken on these 3 KILLER Rock records, to instruct me as to when and what press releases and promo are coming... but the BEST part of being a real artist and songwriter, producer, etc... is that hour when you sit with the finished product, alone, and get that fulfilled, natural "high" and pride... I hope you will like these records, when they eventually make their way to the airways. ❤

Until then, here comes Warner/Rhino's ALICE IN HELL 35th Anniversary, baby, AND EAR MUSIC/EDEL start re-releasing some of the 20+ ANNIHILATOR titles with new goodies! January will start the announcements. ❤

And here's an old pic.... 1994. KING OF THE KILL video shoot... the first record that will be re-issued in 2024." ❤

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