JIMI HENDRIX Family Feud Maybe Over

November 20, 2007, 16 years ago

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According to Pr-usa.net, Leon Hendrix, brother of guitar legend JIMI HENDRIX are in talks with step sister Janie Hendrix (CEO) and Bob Hendrix (Vice President) of Authentic Hendrix to find a way to end years of family disputes and endless lawsuits.

Leon Hendrix partnered with Glenn Coggeshell of Black Dot Coffee to create a new coffee line called Hendrix Brothers Coffee over a year ago is set to create a joint venture with authentic Hendrix to help 'wake up and smell the coffee' and get the family back together.

“We are working hard to find ways to stop the pain and move forward in a positive way” Glenn Coggeshell Manager of Leon Hendrix.

Arrangement to possibly include a Joint venture with Hendrix Brothers Coffee, help in cross promoting Hendrix related items and removing negative associations from the past.

Although the ownership and rights of Jimi Hendrix image and likeness are still in dispute, Leon Hendrix and family members are willing to make steps in mending years of strife and hardship. “This is just the first step in moving towards a family unit again,” says Leon Hendrix. "We feel that this Thanksgiving and the 65th birthday of Jimi Hendrix should mark a time of family and forgiveness."

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