KISS Invite Fans To Contribute To Forthcoming "Definitive" Documentary

January 25, 2020, 4 years ago

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KISS Invite Fans To Contribute To Forthcoming "Definitive" Documentary

KISS have checked in with the following update:

"KISS is set to be the subject of an upcoming feature documentary and wants you to help tell their story. This will be the definitive documentary of KISS. But in order to make the film you deserve, the producers are conducting a global hunt for rare and compelling KISS - related media. This could include but is not limited to…

* Never-before-seen footage of the band onstage or offstage during the 1970s,
* Still photographs or video of the band in the '70s trying to conceal their identity
* Unscripted, candid or revealing moments between band members, onstage or off, from any era.
* Obscure local or international TV/ Radio interviews or news reports from the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

We want to help the world see the band through your eyes. Don’t miss this chance to become a permanent part of the band’s legacy. KISSTORY is literally being made.

To upload your video, audio or photographs for consideration, please visit the following website and be sure to include a brief description of your submission in the “Message” section."

Three Sides Of The Coin, the premier fan produced KISS podcast, has selected Stationhead to create the first 24/7/365 KISS-themed radio station.

On the station, the KISS Army can listen to KISS deep cuts, KISS demos, bands covering KISS, KISS members solo albums, albums produced by KISS members, songs written by KISS members and bands that have opened for KISS. There is currently over 17 hours of music in rotation on the station. Three Sides Of The Coin Radio airs 24 hours a day on the Stationhead app. Three Sides Of The Coin programs the radio show, they pick the songs... no corporate overlord telling them what to play. These are the song the fans want to hear!

Stationhead is a social radio platform that lets anyone have their own radio station and create and connect over interactive audio content with live talk, guest callers, messaging, and music streaming from Apple Music and Spotify.

"Three Sides Of The Coin has become more than just a KISS podcast and Stationhead allowed us to create a 24/7 KISS radio station so we can play all the music we only talk about in the podcast." stated Michael Brandvold, Cofounder of Three Sides Of The Coin. "The amazing features of Stationhead like instant listener requests, a live chat room and the ability to easily bring listeners directly on the air make this truly interactive radio."

"We're delighted to welcome KISS fans into the Stationhead community," said Ryan Star, CEO and co-founder of Stationhead. "As a Long Island native - and one who, as a teenager, played his first stadium gig opening for KISS in Prague - I couldn't be more excited to give the KISS Army a home to connect over music I grew up on."

Three Sides Of The Coin Radio is live every day of the year on Stationhead.

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