KORPIKLAANI Release New Album Today; Official Video For New Single "Tuuleton" Streaming

February 5, 2021, a year ago

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KORPIKLAANI Release New Album Today; Official Video For New Single "Tuuleton" Streaming

Today finally sees the release of Korpiklaani's new album, Jylhä In celebration of the release of their 11th full-length the band have produced another video, this time for the song "Tuuleton". Check it out below.

Here's what frontman Jonne has to say about Jylhä:

"This is the most versatile Korpiklaani album we have done. We have some of our hardest, heaviest & fastest songs ever and we have the happy & melancholic ones. It is funny how you can do so many different kinds of music, but when these guys play it with these instruments it always sounds like Korpiklaani."

Korpiklaani is unique. Their blend of Finnish folk music and heavy metal is like no other. Like traditional folk music that tells tales of joy, heartbreak, and stories of old, Korpiklaani brings new life to these tales adding the high energy of rock ‘n roll and heavy metal. What you hear on the record is what you hear live; authentic, honest, and a lot of fun. Korpiklaani is a natural representation of our journey in this life, bringing music and emotions that can have you dancing all night, to quiet moments of melancholy.

Jylhä continues this journey with a collection of tales of folklore, nature, celebration, and three stories of murder, including the infamous Lake Bodom murders.

Singer Jonne states: "Jylhä is not just a battering heavy metal record, it's also our most volatile full-length album to date. For example, some of the new songs feature energetic punk rock influences and there are even some audible laid-back reggae-rhythms, like our first single, 'Leväluhta'."

The band have announced a Live Q&A chat for their fans. It will tale place today (Friday, February 5th) at 5 PM, CET / 4 PM, GMT / 11 AM, EST. Head over to www.korpiklaani.live to participate.

Frontman Jonne Järvelä is looking forward to talking to his fans: "While we are all disappointed with the delay of the vinyl, we also had to reschedule our album release show til September. However, we thought we could still do a Q&A after our rehearsal on Friday, drink a few beers and chat with you! Peace, Love, Folk & Metal."

Jylhä tracklisting:

"Sanaton Maa"
"Anolan Aukeat"

"Niemi" video:

"Mylly" video:

"Leväluhta" video:

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