LORDI Releases 'This Is Heavy Metal' Digital Single

August 10, 2010, 11 years ago

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Finland’s LORDI today releases the first single from their upcoming fifth studio album, Babez For Breakfast. 'This Is Heavy Metal' is available for just .69¢ through all digital providers including The Omega Order and features cover art created by Mr. Lordi.

“I wanted to paint a picture which at the same time crystallizes something of the essence that is of 80's metal and also as pays a visual tribute to many of our own idols of that era,” commented Mr. Lordi. “So, to be able to fit them all in, I created a Frankenstein monster made out of bits and pieces of members of TWISTED SISTER, KISS, W.A.S.P., and ALICE COOPERr, to name only a few.”
“The song itself is written in the same train of thought and appreciation. I wanted to write a song that is heavy metal according to Lordi. The riff should sound familiar from the first second you hear it and you should be able to sing along the chorus already when it comes out the second time.”
“Most of our favorite bands come from the US with only few exceptions. Someone once said that Lordi must be the most American band in Finland. I think that is quite correct. The whole concept of our band, both musically and visually, is heavily influenced by American pop culture, comics, horror films and music.”

Babez For Breakfast will be released on September 14th on The End Records and was recorded in early 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Michael Wagener (METALLICA, OZZY OSBOURNE, Alice Cooper) at the helm.

Yesterday Lordi launched their first iPhone game, Lordi The Game, which features two brand new songs from the album and a voiceover from Mr. Lordi himself. The group also recently revealed their new masks (which are re-imagined with each new album) and the much-talked-about cover art for Babez For Breakfast.

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