MASTER BOOT RECORD Release "ANSI.SYS" Guitar Playthrough Video

March 8, 2023, a year ago

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MASTER BOOT RECORD Release "ANSI.SYS" Guitar Playthrough Video

There are few truly unique musical artists, but the music made by Italian producer Victor Love as Master Boot Record arguably exists in a category of its own. Fans of that music were finally able to see the full live band in all of its CRT and chiptune glory throughout Europe in February. Those in attendance witnessed guitarist Edoardo Taddei's tremendous lead guitar playing, which has been put on display in a newly released guitar performance for "ANSI.SYS" from the Floppy Disk Overdrive album. Watch the video below.

Founder/producer Victor Love adds: "The live sound of Master Boot Record is the result of combining synth guitars and chiptune leads from studio album written by myself via MIDI with live performed guitars playing in sync with them. This is especially challenging for lead guitar parts that aren't written according to natural guitar playing positions. By combining synthesizers and real instruments (baritone guitar, lead guitar and drums) the live show of MBR is a different experience from the studio albums that are instead 100% synthesized."

Additionally, live videos from the tour have been appearing on YouTube, including a performance of "IRQ 2 Cascade" from Nantes, France on the band's official channel here.

Upcoming live dates:

8  - London, England - O2 Academy
9 - Sheffield, England - Corporation
10 - Glasgow, Scotland - Classic Grand
29 - Helsinki, Finland - Kuudes Linja
30 - Barroselas, Portugal - SWR Fest

Tickets/info here.

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