MEGATALLICA Spawns METALLIDETH; "Disposable Holy War Heroes" Mashup Streaming

November 17, 2014, 9 years ago

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MEGATALLICA Spawns METALLIDETH; "Disposable Holy War Heroes" Mashup Streaming

From the site dedicated to mashups featuring Megadeth and Metallica songs comes the latest installment entitled "Disposable Holy War Heroes" under the moniker Metallideth:

The Canadian mastermind behind the mashups, known as The Taskmaster, recently issued the following message:

I have to give a shout-out to BraveWords from which all metal news appears to flow, and to the vibrant community over at Loudwire, Kerrrang, Revolver, Guitar World, Ultimate-Guitar, Metal Injection, and all the other sites around the world and every individual who comments, likes or shares -- I thank you and I hope you enjoy this one.

You can get a Megatallica t-shirt while it lasts here.

My next mashup will not involve Megadeth but I am confident most people will find it quite special.

The background music on the end select screen is called "Lusty" by my band The Secrets. You might want to go listen to it on Bandcamp. It has a Pink Floyd meets hard-alternative sound. Feel free to download it and the others, and since I don't make any money from Youtube whatsoever, hopefully a few people out there will donate a dollar on Bandcamp if it's not too much trouble. Click here."

Check out the Megatallica page here. More mashups are available below:

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