NYLON MAIDEN - Video Of Complete Acoustic Show Featuring BLAZE BAYLEY And THOMAS ZWIJSEN Posted

July 11, 2016, 7 years ago

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NYLON MAIDEN - Video Of Complete Acoustic Show Featuring BLAZE BAYLEY And THOMAS ZWIJSEN Posted

The clip below features ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley performing live with Nylon Maiden guitarist Thomas Zwijsen. 

Zwijsen: "This (almost) full concert video was filmed at the EEF festival, a very cold but awesome world-music/jazz/arts festival in The Netherlands. It was a very nice challenge playing these songs for a non-metal audience. Enjoy!" 

The setlist is as follows:

"Lord Of The Flies"
"What Will Come"
"Stare At The Sun"
"Soundtrack Of My Life"
"The Clansman"
"Como Estais Amigos"
"One More Step"
"Russian Holiday"
"Blood Brothers"
"Wasted Years"
"Doctor Doctor"
"The Trooper"

Nylon Maiden’s Preserved In Time is Zwijsen’s ultimate Iron Maiden tribute album. It makes the classical guitar world a bit more metal by adding 16 Iron Maiden songs (and two Bruce Dickinson songs) to its repertoire.

Zwijsen’s long-time collaborator Blaze Bayley is one of the returning guest musicians on this album, performing two tracks from his Iron Maiden days, as well as a unique version of “Blood Brothers” off the Brave New World album! This is the first time Blaze performs an Iron Maiden song from the post-Blaze era. It gives Iron Maiden fans an idea of what it would have sounded like if Blaze had stayed with the band.


Disc 1
“If Eternity Should Fail”
“Stranger In A Strange Land”
“Judgement Of Heaven” (with Blaze Bayley & Anne Bakker)
“Ghost Of The Navigator”
“Powerslave” (Thomas & band)
“Burning Ambition”
“Tears Of The Dragon” (Bruce Dickinson song)
“Blood Brothers” (with Blaze Bayley)
“When The Wild Wind Blows” (Thomas & band)

Disc 2
“Afraid To Shoot Strangers”
“Como Estais Amigos” (with Blaze Bayley & Anne Bakker)
“Tears Of A Clown”
“Jerusalem” (Bruce Dickinson song)
“For The Greater Good Of God”
“Reach Out”
“Fear Of The Dark”
“Rime Of The Ancient Mariner” (Thomas & band)

Zwijsen comments: “In our attempt to choose the best tracklisting for the most fulfilling, surprising and complete Iron Maiden tribute album, we simply couldn't fit all the songs on a single CD, so we decided to make it a double CD this time. Many of the songs were requests from people on YouTube. If this were to be the setlist at an Iron Maiden concert, I’d be very happy!”

“Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”:

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