SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks Diversity On New Album - "I'm A Colourful Character With Many Influences"

June 20, 2018, 6 years ago

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SEASON OF GHOSTS Vocalist SOPHIA Talks Diversity On New Album - "I'm A Colourful Character With Many Influences"

Season Of Ghosts vocalist / mastermind Sophia (ex-Blood Stain Child) recently spoke exclusively with BraveWords and revealed some details about the making of the band's new album, A Leap Of Faith. Following is another excerpt from the discussion.

On the concept behind A Leap Of Faith:

Sophia: "One might indeed notice a link between lyrics, but A Leap of Faith is not a concept album per se. The songs speak about real life battles, internal struggles, coping with the world and other people, but it's mostly an internal dialogue. I'm speaking to myself, I'm exorcising my own thoughts and feelings and sometimes I'm speaking to another person, like in a letter addressing a person that might never read that letter because they don't have the spiritual maturity to pay attention and emotional quotient to listen , but you're hoping that your words will somehow reach them. So you could say that there is a theme indeed, but it was not my intention to make it a concept album. It's a piece of my / our soul, raw, the way the universe whispered it to us." 

On the creative process for A Leap Of Faith compared to the Season Of Ghosts debut, The Human Paradox:

Sophia: "We worked in a completely different way than The Human Paradox. Back then, it was me struggling to make my next move because there were those who were convinced I'm not worth anything alone and those were not my fans. It was people that were much, much closer. People sometimes have cemented beliefs about females, especially singers, and there's tons of negative connotations I avoid associating myself with. I'm not trying to appear as a special snowflake here, if you meet me you understand that I'm rather unconventional in everything I do, that's why people generally view me as a weirdo, in a good and bad sense. The first album reflected all that and I had so many things to say that I wanted to say them all at once and I have so many musical influences, I wanted to use them all to write songs, that the first album ended up sounding quite special. I love it, it's my first original creation and I don't regret it being the way it is. 

Since then, lots of things happened, incidents that impacted my life negatively and took a toll on my health. I spent years in depression as a direct results of that, feeling helpless, lost, feeling captive. I stopped doing anything that once made me happy, including music. Sam (guitars), Paul (Dark Brown / bass) and Max (Buell / drums) had been trying to talk me into working for the new album for at least two years, but I couldn't respond. Eventually, I understood I couldn't procrastinate any longer and I asked Sam to start making some rough chord progressions that I'd work on later. Sam tends to be very concise about his compositions, he doesn't listen to 500 different genres like I do, so the core of the album sounds more solid, indeed. The main melodies, base keyboards, hooks and vocal lines were made by me, so you can tell there's diversity because I'm a colourful character with many influences and I just can't pick two to focus on." 

Read more about the making of A Leap Of Faith here.

Sophia recently issued the following update:

"So, if you were wondering how the new album is gonna sound like... sneak peek. Sound on! This part was without electronics, but worry not! A Leap of Faith stays true to our electro tradition..."

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