SEBASTIAN BACH On SuperGroup - "At The End Of The Day It Hurt My Career As Far As People Thinking I’m A Drunk All The Time"

July 8, 2009, 15 years ago

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Former SKID ROW singer SEBASTIAN BACH spoke with Steve Bloom from recently about a number of topics including his last reality-TV show, SuperGroup. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On SuperGroup, the producers, Freeball Productions, played up Bach's "drinking problem." With TED NUGENT and Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD) both confronting him, they surely pumped up the show's ratings. "At the end of the day it hurt my career as far as people thinking I’m a drunk all the time," he explained. "That’s what reality TV does. I’m not gonna whine about it, but ever since that show I’m trying to put the focus back on music and not drinking, because that show did damage to me."

After SuperGroup concluded in 2006, Bach agreed to a 30-day rehab, at the request of his management: "It was a joke. It was such garbage. This is the new trend in Hollywood - put celebrities into rehab for 30 days. When I grew up in the ’70s, there was Cheech & Chong, VAN HALEN, THE EAGLES, smokin’ weed, partying and drinking. Now the trend in Hollywood is this rehab bullshit. It's this hip Hollywood thing. But then you’re completely demonized from the industry. It's ridiculous."

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