SHINEDOWN Release "The Library Sessions" In Benefit Of American Foundation For Suicide Prevention; Video

November 28, 2023, 5 months ago

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SHINEDOWN Release "The Library Sessions" In Benefit Of American Foundation For Suicide Prevention; Video

Shinedown have released the video below, dubbed The Library Sessions. Inspired by their song, “A Symptom Of Being Human”, this special Giving Tuesday event benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Says Shinedown: "When we got the chance to sit down together and read fan-submitted stories, it once again showed us the power of humanity and served as yet another reminder that we’re not alone."

Shinedown singer Brent Smith recently appeared on Audacy Check In, hosted by Jason Bailey, and talked about the meaning behind the song “A Symptom Of Being Human”. An excerpt has been transcribed as follows:

Brent on “A Symptom Of Being Human” and talking about mental health: “It's a very interesting song because it's also a part of a very interesting record. You know, Planet Zero, the album was written in the midst of a pandemic when people were just confused and afraid and scared, and kind of didn't know what tomorrow was gonna bring and what have you. So like, when we finally got into the room together during that time, I think the biggest focus that I looked at and the band looked at was how do we present something that is pure awareness of the fact that listen, we're all human beings and we're all a work in progress, and we're a band that's been talking about mental health for the better part of two decades before it was necessarily in the media, or that it was in you know, certain headlines and what have you. And thankfully, now it's talked about much more. And ‘A Symptom Of Being Human’ is exactly that.”

This past summer, Shinedown gave new life to "A Symptom Of Being Human", a song from their 2022 album, Planet Zero, by releasing an unplugged version.

According to the band, "'A Symptom Of Being Human' is a song that we feel so deeply connected to. In an effort to honor it we just dropped a brand new, stripped-back acoustic rendition. 'A Symptom Of Being Human' is a reminder that we’re all writing our own stories and that’s what makes us human."

Here's the original video for "A Symptom Of Being Human", which has been viewed 3.4 million times on YouTube:

(Photo - Sanjay Parikh)


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