SIX FOOT SIX Feat. Former FALCONER Frontman Release “Tears” Video

November 28, 2023, 5 months ago

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SIX FOOT SIX Feat. Former FALCONER Frontman Release “Tears” Video

Six Foot Six – the brainchild of former Falconer's frontman Kristoffer Göbel – will release the new album Beggar's Hill on December 8 via Scarlet Records. Preorder here. New single and video (made by Daniel Wahlström - Heavy Groove Media) for "Tears" - featuring former King Diamond drummer Snowy Shaw - is streaming below.

Produced by Kristoffer Göbel and Christoffer Borg; mixed by Christoffer Borg; featuring Snowy Shaw as special guest on drums on all tracks; illustrated by Frode Hovde; Beggar's Hill will be released in the following formats:

-digipack CD
-gatefold LP (splatter red & black; black)

Pure anthemic heavy metal at its best: Beggar's Hill is the third Six Foot Six record and the most coherent of their works until this date.

Influenced by classic bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica, it's a guitar and vocal melody-driven album, but still with a powerful up-to-date sound.

The catchy songs take you on a melancholic journey through salt-beaten winding seaside cliffs, medieval battles, decrepitude and abandonment, cinematic glimpses and the general state of the world – a planet of war, love, pollution and wonders.


“Raise The Dead”
“Voices Inside”
“Beggar’s Hill”
“Analog Man”
“Riding The Tide”
“Fire Will Burn (The Riders Of The Apocalypse)”
“The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale Pt. 1)”
“The Siege (A Templar’s Tale Pt. 2)”
“The Homecoming (A Templar’s Tale Pt. 3)”
“Pete McOats” (digital only bonus track)
“Equinox” (digital only bonus track)

"Tears" video:

“Raise The Dead” video:

(Photo – Jörgen Hinder)

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