Sweden's GEHENNAH Sign To Metal Blade Records; Extended Metal Police EP Due In February, Title Track Streaming

January 8, 2015, 9 years ago

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Sweden's GEHENNAH Sign To Metal Blade Records; Extended Metal Police EP Due In February, Title Track Streaming

Swedish long-haired gangsters, Gehennah, have dunked their fountain pens into their custom made kegs, a blended mixture of blood, booze and pus, and signed a contract with Metal Blade Records.

Gehennah comments on the signing: "Gehennah are very proud to sign with such a legendary label as Metal Blade Records who has released so many of our old favorite albums through the years. We are looking forward to this collaboration and to irritate more people than ever!"

To start off this unholy collaboration, Metal Blade will release an extended version of Gehennah's Metal Police EP, exclusively on vinyl, on February 6th. Check out the title track below. Pre-orders at this location.

In the words of thy masters: "We are very happy to re-release Metal Police in a new heavily beefed up version as a full-length on Metal Blade Records. We feel that this will give even more metalheads a chance to get a taste of the new Gehennah while waiting for our up-coming new full-length album. We took the chance to add two songs from the Metal Police-session and six recently re-recorded old ones that has stayed with us in our live-set, making it a total of 12 jawbreaking songs of criminal black thrash 'n' roll mayhem."



Metal Police tracklisting:

"Metal Police"
"Four Knuckle Facelift"
"Crime Career"
"Fuck 'Em All"
"Carve Off Your Face (And Shove It Up Your Ass)"
"Black Jack Loser"
"Decibel Rebel"
"666 Drunks & Rock N' Roll"
"Bitch With A Bulletbelt"
"Six-Pack Queen"
"Piss Off, I'm Drinking"

"Metal Police":

Started in 1992, Gehennah, hailing from Forshaga and Karlstad, Sweden, first stunk up the scene with their debut album Hardrocker released in 1995. In a time when atmospheric black metal and melodic death metal ruled the metal underground, Gehennah's filthy street thrash stuck out like a sore thumb. The band gained a loyal following among elite metal fans and in the years to come the albums King Of The Sidewalk and Decibel Rebel were released along with touring with among other bands Impaled Nazarene and Disfear. The first years of the new millennium were mostly spent on playing chaotic gigs and committing random acts of stupidity, and also releasing the anniversary EP 10 Years Of Fucked Up Behavior in 2003 (11 years after the band was formed).

Gehennah are currently at work with their 4th full-length studio album to be recorded and released in 2015.


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