TAZ - Eonian Records Announces Release Of Wake Up And Sweat, Vol. 1 And Shipwrecked, Vol. 2 Albums

September 18, 2023, 2 weeks ago

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TAZ - Eonian Records Announces Release Of Wake Up And Sweat, Vol. 1 And Shipwrecked, Vol. 2 Albums

Eonian Records announces the release of Taz - Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1 and Shipwrecked, Vol. 2. Both releases can be found wherever you listen or buy your music.

The band's entire career spans the 35 tracks between Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1 and Shipwrecked, Vol. 2. These releases feature recording sessions produced by Rob Cavallo, a future multi-Grammy Award winner for Warner Brothers Records as well as Kim Vincent Fowley for Q.M.I./MCA Records. Included are six live recordings from the legendary Gazzarri's, Sasch in Studio City, and The Whisky a Go Go.

All tracks are digitally remastered by Anthony Focx, who has worked with the likes of Buckcherry and The Dead Daisies. Both releases feature beautiful, custom hand-drawn artwork by Jesse Vital of V1TAL World Creative and two 20-page booklets featuring nearly 150 photos & flyers, including in-depth history of band time in West Hollywood.

Stream or download Wake Up & Sweat Vol. 1 here, stream or download Shipwrecked Vol. 2 here.

Stephen Craig, Eonian Records Founder, “We hope music fans will enjoy these two releases as much as we did putting it all together. Anthony Focx did a masterful job with the recordings. Also, the level of detail is incredible. Both albums feature 20-page booklets with in-depth history of the band’s time in West Hollywood, including nearly 150 photos and flyers provided from the band, friends, and fans’ personal archives. To top things off, custom hand-drawn artwork by none other than Jesse Vital of V1TAL World Creative.”

Kent Kleven, Taz lead singer, “We are really excited about these two releases. The 35 tracks between “Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1” and “Shipwrecked, Vol. 2” span our entire career. Every studio recording is represented. Many of which were never made available to the public. Of the studio recordings, two of the many highlights were us working with producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Black Sabbath) & Warner Brothers, as well as with Kim Vincent Fowley, who produced ‘SEX,’ ‘LA Danger Zone,’ ‘She Does Bad Things Good,’ and ‘Missing You.’ Fowley worked with everyone from the Modern Lovers to Ariel Pink and produced the first demos for the iconic power pop band Candy. Anthony Focx (Buckcherry, The Dead Daisies) remastered both albums, and did such an amazing job! We also had over a dozen live tracks to choose from, and we settled on six taken from Whisky a Go Go, Club Sasch, and Gazzarri's. It’s been such a surreal experience to see this all come together. We’re truly grateful to our label, Eonian Records, as well as our longtime fans who had a hand in bringing this project to life.”

Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1:

1 - 4 Recorded the Hangar 14 Studio, Sacramento, CA
Produced by Taz, Engineered by Chris Hangar
5 - 7 Recorded at Music Grinder Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Taz, Engineered by Kim Fallion & Phil Moore
8 - 13 Recorded at Monterey Sound Studios, Glendale, CA
Produced & engineered by Kim Vincent Fowley (The Runaways, Candy, Steel Breeze)
14 - 17 Recorded at Ogden House Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Bryon DeLear & Taz, Engineered by Bryon DeLear
Mastered by: Anthony Focx @ A. Focx Productions, Nashville, TN

The Players:

Kent “K.K.” Kleven on Vocals
Ethan Gladstone on Guitar
Chris Roy on Bass
Kenny Pierce on Drums

Wake Up & Sweat, Vol. 1 tracklisting:

"Are You Ready" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"She Does Bad Things Good (86)" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Rock-N-Roll Rodeo" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Love Violations" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Love Violations" (Reprised Version) (Kleven, Gladstone)
"I'll Wait" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"You & Me" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"SEX (88)" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"L.A. Danger Zone" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"She Does Bad Things Good (88)" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Missing You" (Pierce)
"Political Song" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Caroline" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Cold Shoulder" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"M.I. Insane" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Bad Religion" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Tattoo You" (Kleven, Gladstone)

Shipwrecked, Vol. 2:

1 - 4 Recorded at Take One Studio, Burbank, CA
Produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac)
Engineered by Magic A. Moreno (Eric Clapton, David Lee Roth, Steve Vai)
5 - 12 Recorded at Downtown Rehearsal, Los Angeles, CA
Produced & engineered by Taz.
13 - 16, Recorded live at the Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood, CA
Track 17, Recorded live at Sasch, Studio City, CA
Track 18, Recorded live at Gazzarri's, West Hollywood, CA
Mastered by: Anthony Focx @ A. Focx Productions, Nashville, TN

The Players:

Kent “K.K.” Kleven on vocals
Ethan Gladstone & Rick Berry on guitars
Chris Roy on bass
Kenny Pierce & Joey Carallo on drums.

Shipwrecked, Vol. 2 tracklisting:

"Shipwrecked" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"No Relation" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Desert Dog Night" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Father McGee" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Arizona River" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Day In, Day Out (Keep the Faith)" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Lady Conniver" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Where the Angels Play" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Sink or Swim" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Day of the Dog" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Luvin' Girl" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Dogtown" (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Easy Come Easy Go" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Let It Rain" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Round, Round, Round" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Shoot Your Steam" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)
"Cover Me in Roses" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)
"L.A. Danger Zone" - Live (Kleven, Gladstone)

"Shipwrecked" lyric video:

About Taz:

Originally formed in 1983, Taz started out in Orange County as Maniac Thrust. Founding members, singer/songwriter Kent Kleven and guitarist/songwriter Ethan Gladstone had known each other since elementary school, forming their first musical project together while attending junior high. In 1985, the band changed their name to Taz while adding new bassist Chris Roy, a high school friend of Ethan’s, and drummer Kenny Pierce. A few years later, added guitarist Rick Berry who was also childhood friends with Kent and Ethan. In 1990, just before heading to Japan, Taz would bring in the final addition to the band, Florida native drummer Joey Carallo. Throughout their career, Taz played at every well-known venue throughout Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even Phoenix, but called Hollywood, CA, their home. Taz soon became one of Southern California's top-drawing original Hard Rock bands, headlining most every night. The band quickly made a name for themselves with their high-energy live performances and catchy songwriting skills, combining pop, funk, alternative, metal, and glam. Taz had also become regulars in numerous well-known publications. Taz was a big draw, and fans were lining up. Taz had formed one of the hottest bands to hit the scene in years.

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