THE GRAHAM BONNET BAND To Hold Autograph Session At NAMM Convention

May 20, 2022, a year ago

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THE GRAHAM BONNET BAND To Hold Autograph Session At NAMM Convention

Highwire Daze Magazine will be conducting a special autograph session on Saturday, June 4 at 3 PM at the Highwire Daze booth Hall B 8500 .

The autograph session will feature The Graham Bonnet band featuring Graham himself, bassist Beth Ami Heavenstone and lead guitarist Conrado Pesinato.

Also joining the autograph session will be:

Seann Nicols - The lead singer for the band Delete After Death and is known for his work for being the former lead singer of Quiet Riot, Adler's Appetite, Westfield Massacre and Bobby's Blotzer's Ratt. Seann also is doing production work out of his Nervestrike records studio.

Giancarlo Floridia and Faith Floridia - Lead singer / songwriter for band Faithsedge and also music video production assistant for recent videos for LA Guns, Revolution Saints, Giant, Iconic, Terry Ilous, Cleanbreak and more. Joining him will be his daughter Faith who has been an actress for the new LA Guns, Black Swan, and Cleanbreak videos.

Jesse Blaze Snider - Singer, comic artist, actor, and radio host. Jesse is an all around busy guy either singing live for his own solo act and releasing multiple solo albums or being on the television shows like "Growing Up Twisted", "Family Feud" or "Haunted Live". He also voice narrated for multiple TV shows and commercials.

Pete Fry - Lead guitar player for the melodic rock band Farcry and also Jaded Past. Pete is also weekly on Arfm in the UK radio and has his own show "Friday Nights With Fry" where plays and promotes new melodic metal and rock and conducts interviews with artist from all over the world.

The Graham Bonnet Band released their new studio album, Day Out In Nowhere, on May 13. Order/save the album on CD/LP/Digital here.


"12 Steps To Heaven"                                                
"Brave New World" ft. Roy Z
"Uncle John"         
"Day Out In Nowhere"
"The Sky Is Alive"
"David’s Mom"
"When We’re Asleep" ft. Mike Tempesta, John Tempesta                   
"It’s Just A Frickin’ Song" ft. Don Airey        
"Jester" ft. Jeff Loomis, Kyle Hughes

"Uncle John" video:

"Imposter" video:

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