WILDERUN To Release Veil Of Imagination In November

September 10, 2019, 4 years ago

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WILDERUN To Release Veil Of Imagination In November

Boston-based band Wilderun has confirmed the release of their latest epic progressive metal masterpiece, entitled Veil Of Imagination, due out on November 1st.

"This album feels like the most natural, genuine thing we've created so far," says vocalist/guitarist/pianist Evan Anderson Berry. "Instead of wondering if the final product was going to fit into some sort of specific genre mold, I think we let things unfold a bit more freely. We were more curious than ever to see what happened once it was all completed and we were pleasantly surprised."

With elements of progressive metal, folk and orchestral music providing a dynamic backdrop, Veil of Imagination takes listeners through vivid, emotional landscapes, while the lyrics weave tales that are simultaneously fantastical and personal.

Berry says, "Lyrically, this album is a bit of an uncomfortable look into my own neuroses. Not so much its manifestations in real life but more of a third-person perspective on the mechanics of a brain trying to interpret the world through reason and understanding...and usually coming up short."

Formed in 2012, Wilderun has previously released two albums, 2012's Olden Tales & Deathly Trails and 2015's Sleep at the Edge of the Earth. With this slightly different approach to creating music, Veil of Imagination transforms and expands upon Wilderun's already indefinable style, resulting in an album that is at once beautiful and fierce. Clean vocals transform into deathly growls as the band alternates between exquisitely-composed orchestrations and savage metal, all executed with technical prowess.

Veil Of Imagination is a stunningly epic, emotional and whimsical odyssey through landscapes of earth and mind.

Veil Of Imagination was recorded at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY, during February and March of 2018. The album was produced by Wilderun, Justin Spaulding and Andrew Greacen. Veil of Imagination was mixed by the legendary Dan Swanö and mastered by Jens Bogran.

Information on pre-orders is forthcoming.


“The Unimaginable Zero Summer”
“O Resolution!”
“Sleeping Ambassadors Of The Sun”
“Scentless Core (Budding)”
“Far From Where Dreams Unfurl”
“Scentless Core (Fading)”
“The Tyranny Of Imagination”
“When The Fire And The Rose Were One”

Wilderun has scheduled select live dates around the release of Veil Of Imagination:

1 – Rochester, NY – The Montage Music Hall
2 – Baltimore, MD – The Depot
3 – Philadelphia, PA – Connie’s Ric Rac
7 – Hamden, CT – The Cellar on Treadwell
8 – Florence, MA – 13th Floor Music Lounge
9 – Cambridge, MA – The Middle East Upstairs 

(Photo by: Karen Jerzyk)

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