WINTERSUN Releases New Instrumental Track / Video "Warning"

March 11, 2023, 12 months ago

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WINTERSUN Releases New Instrumental Track / Video "Warning"

Wintersun frontman / founder  Jari Mäenpää has shared a new short instrumental track called "Warning". Get the track exclusively from Wintersun Bandcamp here.

Mäenpää: "It’s funny how some people claim that I’m a perfectionist and I should stop being a perfectionist, but those same people will be the first people in the comment section to bash the production when I release something that is far from perfect, but is still 'good enough' for me. So who’s the real perfectionists here?

To all the perfectionists out there, the 'Warning' release contains the Isolated Tracks! So please go ahead and use those and make the production perfect! Or make a cover of it, that is perfect. I would be absolutely glad to hear it and learn from you!"

The "Warning" release includes the track itself, as well as Dynamic Version, Orchestral Version, Drums (Isolated Track), Bass (Isolated Track), Rhythm Guitars (Isolated Track), and Orchestration (Isolated Track).

- The Dynamic Version is mastered 3.5 dB lower in volume than the official main "loud and aggressive" track. But if you turn the volume up, you might prefer this version as it has a little bit more "breathing room" and punch.

- The Orchestral Version is different than the Orchestration Isolated Track. The Orchestral Version includes added percussion and bass.

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