WISHBONE ASH's Andy Powell Says KING'S X Is "The Most Under-Rated Band Ever"

July 7, 2023, 7 months ago

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WISHBONE ASH's Andy Powell Says KING'S X Is "The Most Under-Rated Band Ever"

In a new featured from Louder Sound, Wishbone Ash guitarist/singer Andy Powell picks his albums, artists and gigs of lasting significance, and names the guitarist who "led the way in music and fashion, everything, really." A few excerpts follow...

The greatest album of all time: "That’s such an impossible question. I’m picking Rubber Soul by The Beatles, because I’ve got the sleeve framed in my house. Even though it was released in 1965 the production values still shine through, as does its overall vibe. I still love it. They were tapping into so many feelings and emotions."

The best record I made: "I used to steer away from saying that Argus [1972] was Wishbone’s watershed moment, but in my dotage I don’t mind admitting that. Argus was our third album, and we pulled the style of the band together with that record. It’s a classic."

The most underrated band ever: "For me it’s King’s X. They had all of the accolades and great reviews, but they never quite made the mainstream. We played with them at the e Sweden Rock Festival, and watching them they just blew me away. What an incredible band."

Read the full feature at Louder Sound.

Celebrating one of the most pivotal entries in the history of great British rock and prog albums, Wishbone Ash’s legendary LP, Argus, received a 50th Anniversary multi-format box set release back in April via Madfish. Order here, and watch a video trailer below.

Complete with its indelible Hipgnosis designed album sleeve, 1972’s Argus saw Wishbone Ash (Andy Powell, Martin Turner, Steve Upton & Ted Turner) mix hard rock, blues, folk and elements of prog to create an anthemic album of resounding quality. Argus was the group’s third studio LP and undoubtedly the classic album within the band’s ‘70s canon. It is not only the biggest selling album of their career, featuring the beloved fan-favorite “Blowin’ Free”, but full of memorable and timeless tunes such as “The King Will Come”, “Time Was”, “Warrior” and “Throw Down The Sword”. Widely considered a vital moment in the progression of twin-lead guitar harmonization, Andy Powell and Ted Turner’s pioneering twin lead attack left an indelible stamp on the likes of Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was also a technique deployed by Steely Dan for their own 1972 hit “Reelin’ In The Years”.

Madfish now present the most complete edition of this album to date. Each Argus 50th Anniversary Box Set contains:

· 3 CDs: Martin Turner’s Argus remaster, “Live at The Alexandra Palace 1973 & Memphis 1972”. Also features 4 previously unreleased early version demos.
· 2 LPs: Original Argus replica, remastered for this release + “Argus Live” on yellow vinyl (selected recordings from “Alexandra Palace & Memphis”).
· DVD: French & Swiss TV footage, “Live from the Rainbow 1973 & RTS Broadcast from 1974”.
· 7” Red vinyl Single of “Blowin’ Free”.
· Featuring a 48-page book with rare photographs and extensive liner notes with contributions from Andy Powell, Martin Turner & Steve Upton.
· Numbered certificate of authenticity

Wishbone Ash achieved considerable success in the 1970s, during which they were among England’s most popular hard rock acts, achieving an impressive eight Top 40 albums. Often regarded as one of the premiere UK live acts of the ‘70s, they toured throughout this period and into the following decades.

As they reigned supreme through the ‘70s, Wishbone Ash was centered on inspired musicianship, joyful spirit and inventive songs. Their concerts were uplifting and their recorded work sublime. Argus remains a stunning highpoint in the band’s startling repertoire. This is a vital addition to the Wishbone Ash catalogue.

(Photo - Michael Liebmann)

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