WITCH CASKET Denies The Cross By Releasing "One Last Sothis Track"

October 30, 2018, 5 years ago

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WITCH CASKET Denies The Cross By Releasing "One Last Sothis Track"

Southern California blackened death metal outfit Witch Casket announced today the release of "one last Sothis track," as the band closes the last chapter on the previous project with which several of the members of Witch Casket were involved.

The track is a cover of Overkill's"Deny The Cross". Sothis was a symphonic black metal band active in the 2000s with one full length release through Candlelight Records in 2008 entitled De Oppresso Liber. The band signed with Candlelight in 2007 after achieving underground success with their self-released 4-track Demo in 2005. The band supported the album with a full North American tour alongside Absu in 2009. The band split up in early 2012 due to differences amongst members, after which three of the members regrouped and formed Witch Casket in 2013.

Vocalist Drogoth had this to say about the track release: "I was recently digging through some old files when I came across a recording we did of a cover of Overkill's 'Deny The Cross' back when we tracked the Sothis album De Oppresso Liber. A few of the members are huge Overkill fans, so we wanted to record that song to pay homage to our thrash metal roots. The original idea was to record a cover song with each album we produced, and then save them up and release them at a later date. We never got that far though, so the track has remained unreleased. Since that project is dead, and it's the 10-year anniversary of the album with which it was recorded, I thought it would be cool to release it as one final goodbye to that segment in our careers."

The track was recorded by the band in 2007, and was mixed by Andy LaRocque of King Diamond in Varberg, Sweden at Sonic Train Studios. It was mastered last week by guitarist Nylock. The song can be downloaded for free through Bandcamp, and streamed via the SoundCloud audio player below:

Earlier this month, Witch Casket released an EP entitled Punishment; a music video for the title track can be seen below.

"So It Goes"
"Spectres Of Misery"

"Punishment" video:

Order your copy of Punishment now at this location.

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