AIR RAID - Fatal Encounter

March 11, 2023, a year ago

(High Roller)

Rich Catino

Rating: 8.0

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AIR RAID - Fatal Encounter

Fourth studio album from this Swedish band who started in 2009, part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. First single as a lyric video, "Thunderblood", charges forth with energy, a classic metal melody, twin guitars, backing vocals, and chorus. 

Singer Fredrik Werner reminds me a little of Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen), and speaking of that "Lionheart"'s opening riff could have been on Malmsteen's Seventh Sign album. And wow, early Malmsteen, and Europe, on instrumental "Sinfonia". Nicely weaved guitar solo too. "In Solitude", "See The Light" maintain the focus on a riff, melodic vocal, and complimenting guitar leads. 

Guitar tapped begun "Edge of A Dream" maintains that steadfast rhythm. Drums start "Let The Kingdom Burn" for a slower tempo and a chunkier guitar, has that Edguy epic vibe (Mandrake, Hellfire Club), with "One By One", a punchy power metal kicker. "Pegasus Fantasy" is straight forward catchy, could see it as a good single. A song like this I also hear the band Hitten, where Air Raid also throw in some early Dokken, Ratt, Europe, and Great White too.

I like this band, support the new generation. I'll add them to the Enforcer, Striker, Ambush, Screamer, Riot City, Haunt, Night Demon, Skull Fist playlist.

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