November 29, 2023, 4 months ago


Rich Catino

Rating: 8.5

review heavy metal cobra spell


Two EP's under their belts, female five-piece international Cobra Spell combine the best aspects from the '80s with a mindset in the present. After a short title track instrumental intro, which is not terribly number of the beast sounding, more retro '80s from those synths/keyboards, they kick right into rocking with retro video track (see all that leather, chains and studs, hair) "S.E.X.". 

Between the music and singer Kristina Vega tone with the vocal harmonies, I'm getting vibes from the short-lived Canadian band Headpins. "Satan Is A Woman" riff is all LA sunset strip Dokken swag with strong vocal harmonies in the chorus. More ‘80s sounds for the intro to "Hotline 666" asking "are you a bad girl" which is wasted forty-four seconds and should have just been worked into "Bad Girl Crew" with more salacious riffs that could be heard from the likes of XYZ, or Danger Danger, Babylon A.D. 

Another video single, "The Devil Inside Of Me" heavier power metal like in the steadfast music, and hook, accenting guitar harmonies. 

Track seven, "Fly Away", has smooth vocals with subtle clean guitars that carries the tune; a seamless break from the rockers. "Love = Love", the drum beat with keyboards sets up the punch for the catchy hook, I can see this one as a single too. Back to a harder guitar and rhythm section makes "Love Crime" a good crowd fist pounder. "Warrior From Hell", too. 

These girls are a harder version of Vixen (but check out the song "Flaming Heart" which is all their predecessor's debut) at this point. Fun playful beat and guitars on "You're A Cheater" makes this another rocker for radio. "High On Love" ends the album with Runaways attitude and spirited backing vocals. 

Solid, solid, ladies, keep rockin’, hard! Definitely making my Top 15 Albums of the Year list.

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