CROWN OF MADNESS - Elemental Binding

March 9, 2023, a year ago


Greg Pratt

Rating: 8.0

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CROWN OF MADNESS - Elemental Binding

Vancouver duo Crown Of Madness' second EP immediately hits hard like vintage Cryptopsy on opener “Immortal Eyes”, but that sense of pure technical train collision soon gives way for a more dense, modern DM spelunking adventure, my mind quickly thinking how this is what I wish Cryptopsy would have turned into over the years, Connor Gordon's drumming crisp and energetic, the riffing evocative at speeds sludge and blasting, which I appreciate. 

I also appreciate, big time, “A Wrenching Nostalgia”'s nod to Gorguts, both in song title and song itself, sludgey and wide open, labyrinthine but sluggish, a delicate balance that few (hi, Ulcerate) manage to master, and Crown Of Madness are, impressively, pulling it off here. And come closer “Vile Sun” the band shines even brighter, creating a sober, sombre, epic closer that gets rid of the technical aspects and instead uses melody to create a great atmosphere, double-bass drums clicking to a ludicrous degree as the wide open riffs bring it all home. 

Extremely impressive EP here, one that brings to mind so much great Canadian extremity, pulls it all together, and points to the future.

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