DEGRAVED - Whispered Morbidity & Exhumed Remnants

April 4, 2024, a month ago


Greg Pratt

Rating: 7.5

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DEGRAVED - Whispered Morbidity & Exhumed Remnants

Pacific Northwest's Degraved are—clearly, based on the album title here—spending their evenings becoming experts in gory, old-school death metal, and this release documents it all. 

Containing 2020 demo Exhumed Remnants and 2023 EP—you guessed it—Whispered Morbidity, the release showcases the band's raw approach to the genre. Whispered Morbidity is great, the production quality just this side of demo, but in a wonderful way, with everything barely being held together. 

Love songs like “Crematortured” and “Compulsory Bloodletting” and how they embrace the primitive DM chug and wallop, while “Reduced To Bone And Ash” brings things lower and slower, saying hello to Autopsy along the way (“Whispered Morbidity” gets even murkier). Once the demo tracks begin, I'm kinda taken by how the recording quality, while different, is still totally appropriate, the drums in particular sounding just awesome on killer crawler “Exhumed Remnants”. 

Closer “Incinerated” marches slowly off into the sewers, dragging us all along behind it, Degraved absolutely ready to deliver a stellar debut full-length when the time comes.

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