INCURSION - Blinding Force

December 2, 2022, a year ago

(No Remorse)

Rich Catino

Rating: 7.5

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INCURSION - Blinding Force

An incursion is an invasion or attack, usually brief, and this Florida based band had a short existence from 1982 - 86 with no official releases outside of a local compilation at the time. In 2018 the two original guitarists, and drummer got back together resulting in The Hunter (EP) in 2020. Blinding Force, their first full-length album continues with all the traditions from the ‘80s American heavy metal bands like Riot, Jag Panzer, Omen, and Cirith Ungol. Now in 2022, they are full force in the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. 

Title track opens the album with strong riffing and vocals like any one of the above mentioned names. Even the music has an older sonic aesthetic, doesn't sound over produced or fiddled with. "Vengeance" drives with force, steadfast drums and guitars. 

"Running Out" maintains the energy, "The Sentinel" leaves room in the verses for singer Steve Samson to show his range. Traditional gallop to "The Rites", "Master Of Evil" very Iron Maiden Killers album in the guitar bass harmony. Drum pattern begins the epic Manowar melody in "Strike Down", and "Hang Em High" hits with twin guitar harmonies.

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