IRON CURTAIN - Savage Dawn

February 18, 2024, 2 months ago

(Dying Victims Productions)

Mark Gromen

Rating: 7.5

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IRON CURTAIN - Savage Dawn

Leather jackets, bullet belts, chains and studs, Iron Curtain are back, with the Spaniards' fifth gritty, Motörhead inspired proto-thrash album. Like the Energizer Bunny of metal (or is it Metalucifer?), high speed, buzz saw guitar anthems, with gruff vocals comprise the eight proper cuts, beginning with jackhammering "Devil Eyes". Paradoxically entitled, "The Aftermath" opens the disc, as a meandering 83 seconds intro, while the title track/finale is a voiceless, 49 second outro.

Subtlety doesn't seem to play a role in the Iron Curtain way of thinking, although the unpronounceable fifth tune begins/ends with twin acoustic guitars. "Gypsy Rocker" mines similar retro/old school territory as the fastest Night Demon material, albeit ratcheted up here, in the speed/intensity stakes. Good stuff! 

Riffs and double bass drums dominate pummeling "Thy Wolf". Don't come looking for introspective lyrics, the words are almost an afterthought, as the music speaks volumes (pun intended) in any tongue. "Rattlesnake" is about as "catchy" as it gets, not content to bash it out forever. Listen to those classic, meandering Fast Eddy style leads. Back to noisy mayhem with "Tyger Speed". 

Another nonsensical/theatrical sound bite precedes "Evil Is Everywhere", decidedly non-violent, (the latter two words of the title whispered throughout), especially compared to its surroundings. Final proper song is "Jericho Trumpet (Stuka)", complete with the whine of airplane engine, ending with another frantic ride.

Mindless fun. Wily E Coyote (super genius) could purchase this as an Acme Instant Mosh-Pit, just add water (or a stronger mixer)!

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