KERRY KING - From Hell I Rise

May 27, 2024, 3 weeks ago

(Reigning Phoenix Music)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.5

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KERRY KING - From Hell I Rise

From Hell I Rise does exactly what it needs to do. Heaps of expectations and perhaps trepidation was saddled on Kerry King’s debut solo album. With 40 years of Slayer in the backdrop, the bearded behemoth doesn’t overthink his writing and does what he does best.

The smartest addition to his solo lineup is the addition of Phil Demmel as his guitar partner-in-crime. King drops in usual chaotic, frenzied madness and Demmel plays off him tremendously with nuanced melodies and eerie lines. He is truly and underrated talent. 

Devilish praises also need to be dropped on Mark Osegueda, who provides a menacing presence with his aggressive, violent, angry vocals. While it would have been a plus to hear Mark utilize his melodic voice in certain moments, it is understandable why it was not used. Paul Bostaph is a total pro behind the kit and Sanders is talented as well, but the bass barely registers.

Hell’s fury cranks for 13 tracks at 45 minutes with a fresh production job, the guitars roar with intensity, thankfully missing that muddiness that drained Repentless. The one-two punch of “Trophies Of The Tyrant” and “Crucifixation” is King at his best – mixing mid-paced evil atmosphere with inventive, speeding riffs. “Everything I Hate About You” is the shortest King-penned track at 1:21 at Osegueda owns it vocally. “Idle Hands” being the first single is perplexing as it’s the most standard piece and doesn’t showcase the muscled songwriting highlighted througout. “Two Fists” is also a punk-fueled rant – think Undisputed Attitude, but it does not fit the vibe and is out of place.

The fire still burns. Even the most cynical-minded of folks will find a load of songs that hits the mark. If he’s interested and maintains inspiration, King could end up carving out a sturdy solo career. From Hell he indeed rises, taking his crown and reigning from south of heaven.

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