MARY’S BLOOD – Mary’s Blood

October 19, 2021, a month ago

(Tokuma Japan Communications)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.0

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MARY’S BLOOD – Mary’s Blood

Japan metal force Mary’s Blood return with their seventh full-length and follow-up to 2020’s covers album Re>Animator. Releasing a steady stream of music since their formation in 2009; they haven’t been afraid to divert from their power/speed metal sound. Their new self-titled effort again sprinkles in different influences and it yields mixed results that makes for a haphazard listen.

A symphonic intro (“Daybreak”) pushes into “Without A Crown” and the first noticeable difference is the downtuned guitars from Saki that feels like metalcore but Eye’s expressive vocals and Saki’s lightning soloing hit the mark and drive home a comfortable feeling. “Joker” dives into experimentation with sound effects and if it wasn’t for the bright vocals, someone might think it’s a Rob Zombie tune. “Umbrella” is a light ballad draped with symphonics and would fit snuggly in an anime, while “Let Me Out” is pure pop dressed as power metal with a repeating line of the title that does indeed stick in your head. “Hunger” is a curious tune with key effects supplanted by fast guitar work and melodic soloing. A strange tune and takes a few listens to get used to.

These diverse tracks are interspersed with the metal assaults. The ladies bring out the guns on “Blow Up Your Fire” that combines German power metal with thrash and “Be Myself” shines with a great chorus and guitar work by Saki. They hit their stride with the driving J-rock force of “Ignite” and the bass work of Rio and Mari’s fast and groovy drumming stand out as highlights. “Mad Lady” is pure speed metal with Eye’s vocals taken to a chaotic level as she strains herself with a memorable performance and “Starlight” finishes the album off with a catchy vocal hook at the beginning and Maki brings is with flourishing guitars and memorable leads that ends the proceedings on a high note.

A weird album to sift through, but nonetheless a solid entry to the Mary’s Blood discography. If new to the band – start with 2015’s Bloody Palace and go from there.

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