MOTÖRHEAD - Another Perfect Day (40th Anniversary Edition)

November 18, 2023, 6 months ago


Greg Prato

Rating: 7.5

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MOTÖRHEAD - Another Perfect Day (40th Anniversary Edition)

Although there have been quite a few members that passed through the Motörhead ranks from 1975-2015, it's universally agreed that the definitive one lasted from 1976-1982 – growler/bassist Lemmy Kilmister, guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke, and drummer Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor. But one of the lesser-known MH line-ups was also one of the shorter-lived ones – which saw Clarke swapped out for ex-Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson, which lasted for a single LP, 1983's Another Perfect Day. 

And with this year marking four decades since the album's release, what better time than now for a deluxe 40th anniversary edition to be issued? Included is the original album, plus other added treats, including b-sides, demos, a previously unreleased live show from the tour (Hull City Hall, on June 22, 1983), and a book. 

And how did Another Perfect Day measure up to such undisputed 'head classic as Ace of Spades and Overkill? Sonically, it sounds surprisingly like a spitting image of the Fast Eddie line-up. However, material-wise, there were no tunes on par with “Ace Of Spades,” “(We Are) The Road Crew,” nor “Overkill.” 

But still, such oft-overlooked ragers as “Shine,” “Back At The Funny Farm,” and the awesomely titled “Die You Bastard” are certainly toe-tappers. Which leads one to wonder after enjoying this 40th anniversary edition…if this line-up stayed together longer, could they have approached Ace Of Spades territory? Sadly, we will never bloody know.

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