PRIMAL FEAR - Delivering The Black

February 21, 2014, 10 years ago


Mark Gromen

Rating: 9.0

primal fear review

PRIMAL FEAR - Delivering The Black

Easily the most consistent PRIMAL FEAR platter, the pedal rarely is decelerated throughout the ten proper tracks (pair of bonus cuts, ‘Innocent Man’ and ‘Man Without Shadow’ appear on the Deluxe edition, which also includes two promotional videos and a “Making Of” feature). ‘King For A Day’ kicks things off, with a patented, catchy clickety-clack Teutonic rhythm. Upping the stakes, in terms of intensity, speed and the lofty wailing of Ralf Scheepers, is ballistic follow-up ‘Rebel Faction’. The lyrical themes (and cover art) seem a little darker this go round and as such, a heavier weight to the music as well. Mid-tempo grinder/ first single ‘When Death Comes Knocking’ adds a little Eastern ear candy and short shredding solo, yet retains an infectious, easy sing-along quality, always the hallmark of the best Primal material. Speaking of six-string fireworks, check out the flourish within ‘Alive & On Fire’, another gritty mid-paced winner. The title track returns to the sound of the opener, seemingly an outtake from the stellar Nuclear Fire album. Time will tell if these standouts become embedded in the live set, like so many off that ’01 disc. Scheepers voice gets a little tougher to start ‘Road To Asylum’, while ‘One Night In December’ begins with a lightning crack and tinkling of ivories, before adopting symphonic backing. Brief rev of chainsaw introduces the beer hall swagger of ‘Never Pray For Justice’, a old school Germanic metal anthem. Back in ’07, Simone Simons added her voice to ‘Everytime It Rains’, this time the duet’s with Liv Kristine, (LEAVES' EYES), ‘Born With A Broken Heart’. The Commandos close strong, with a riffing ‘Inseminoid’, that also gives Randy Black a showcase trip around the drums. Can’t wait to see/hear this stuff on tour, this spring!

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