TANITH – In Another Time

July 15, 2019, 5 years ago

(Metal Blade)

Nick Balazs

Rating: 9.0

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TANITH – In Another Time

Maybe looking into the past will guide the future. So it is with New York City’s Tanith – a ‘70s classically styled hard rock / heavy album that will sure end up as one of the top albums of 1979, I mean 2019. I like Metal Blade steering from their comfort zone picking these guys up and Tanith already has credibility enlisting the talents of Satan guitarist Russ Tippins, who also provides vocals. In Another Time is just as the title states; a classy adventure into a different period and atmosphere with delicately weaved melodies that spin tales of mythology and other magical tales. 

There really is no wrong that courses in throughout this 43 minute journey, but what sets Tanith apart is the dueling vocals between Tippins and bassist Cindy Maynard. Both of their voices add an extra layer to the music as Tippins provides that excellent laid back, amiable style to suit the songs while Maynard adds a little sweetness and tranquility, but also brings forth energy and power in certain instances. They work beautifully off each other, especially when they guide along on the folky and dreamy “Eleven Years” – a song Fleetwood Mac would be envy of. There are plenty of tracks to take ahold of like the rumbling and beautifully chorused “Under The Stars” and listening to that opening melody to the first track “Citadel (Galantia, Pt. 1)”, you’ll be hooked from the moment it comes bursting through your speakers. In Another Time is wonderfully crafted and written; I love how the bass and drum rhythms launch into this great guitar melody in “Mountain” or how the tempo unexpectedly changes in the mythical tale of “Dionysus”. The music is classy and dignified; it’s really like these guys and gal haven’t heard an album past 1980! I can’t recommend this album enough; step back into time and go on an entrancing musical adventure with Tanith.

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