THE STOOGES - The Truth Is In The Sound We Make

February 28, 2024, a month ago


Greg Prato

Rating: 10.0

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THE STOOGES - The Truth Is In The Sound We Make

Over the past few years, not only have there been quite a few books about proto-punk greats the Stooges (aka Iggy and the Stooges), but there have been a total of two coffee table hard covers – Total Chaos: The Story Of The Stooges and The Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story! So, when the announcement that an unprecedented THIRD coffee table book – and the most expensive of the bunch – was recently announced/released, admittedly, it was a big hard to comprehend. Not to mention, its exorbitant price tag.

Well, it turns out that seemingly you can never have enough info about the Stooges late '60s-early '70s era, as The Truth Is In the Sound We Make (by Per Nilsen and Carlton Sandercock) just may be the best of the bunch – as it studies/analyzes all of the known Stooges gigs, beginning in 1967 and ending in 1974. And included are countless rare/never-before-seen photographs of the band, first-hand accounts, and reviews.

Want the lowdown on the Stooges' now-legendary gigs at the Grande Ballroom, the Cincinnati Summer Pop Festival, Ungano's, Kings Cross Cinema, Max's Kansas City, and/or the Michigan Palace – and all gigs in between? I wholeheartedly suggest digging deep into your pockets and obtaining The Truth Is In the Sound We Make. You won't regret it.

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