URIAH HEEP - Chaos & Colour

February 20, 2023, a year ago

(Silver Lining)

Greg Prato

Rating: 7.0

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URIAH HEEP - Chaos & Colour

Like many hard rock bands that first rose to prominence in the ‘70s, the ‘80s saw prog metal trailblazers Uriah Heep soften up their sound (and even look!) a bit to attempt to keep in line with what they saw/heard on MTV at the time. But subsequently, Uriah Heep has wisely returned – slowly but surely – to the sound and approach they specialize in best (prog metal, led by guitar and organ), solidified once more by what lurks within their 25th studio album overall, Chaos & Colour. 

The lone original Heep-ster remaining in the line-up nowadays is guitarist Mick Box, who along with his bandmates, riffs/solos mightily as ever – particularly on the album opener/lead-off single, “Save Me Tonight.” But organ (courtesy of Phil Lanzon), strong vocals (provided by Bernie Shaw), and Spinal Tap-ish lyrics remain important ingredients in Uriah Heep’s sonic stew – in particular, on “Hail The Sunrise,” “Fly Like An Eagle” (no, not the Steve Miller tune), and the eight-plus minute epic, “Freedom To Be Free.” 

Chaos & Color contains all the hallmarks of classic Heep, and prog metal in general. And one final shoutout is in order – producer Jay Ruston, who does a dandy job in the sonics department throughout (especially when listened to LOUD).

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