LEGIONS OF METAL 2024 - Day 2: Old School Of Hard Knocks With WATCHTOWER & HIRAX!

May 8, 2024, 2 months ago

By Mark Gromen

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Unlike Friday, the music began at 3:30 today, provided by a baker's dozen (13) acts. Locals, Fer De Lance were up first, debuting a couple of new songs, in the process. Lots of overlapping time slots today, compounded by band reshuffling and time overruns, setting up, onstage. Regardless, still plenty on offer. 

Devolution proved you can rock-out in a furry Tyrolean hat. Ice Howl brought the heaviness. Austin, TX based Mean Mistreater laid a whipping on the suddenly burgeoning crowd. Viperwitch had a coordinated look and Night Cobra, fronted by Hell's Heroes mainman, Christian Larson, displayed a wicked groove.  

Chris Black (High Spirits) played a final Dawnbringer show, before putting the band in mothballs, for the foreseeable future. Leather Duchess resurrected the ghosts of LA past, while Katon DePena was on fire, interacting/joking with crowd like few can ever hope to do.  

WatchTower brought Legions to a close, Jason McMaster serving as an "interpreter" for those unsure of what they were hearing/seeing. Amazingly talented display, at high speed, albeit nevertheless, an unusual listen. To say the least!  

A full report will be posted in the days ahead.

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