ACE FREHLEY Looks Back On KISS' Psycho Circus Album - "It Was A Disappointment For Me; The Only Song I Performed On Was The One I Wrote"

October 15, 2020, a year ago

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ACE FREHLEY Looks Back On KISS' Psycho Circus Album - "It Was A Disappointment For Me; The Only Song I Performed On Was The One I Wrote"

Founding KISS guitarist and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member, Ace Frehley, recently guested on The Disc Dive and went through every KISS album he appeared on, as well as his solo records, and Frehley's Comet. In the fifth episode (of six), Frehley looks back on KISS Unplugged, Psycho Circus, Anomaly, and Space Invader. Check out the interview below.

On Psycho Circus:

"It was a disappointment for me. The only song I performed on was the one I wrote ('Into The Void'). Paul and Gene are such control freaks. And I don't know why I wasn't invited to play on a lot of the other songs, but I wasn't. They used other musicians. The only song Peter (Criss) played drums on was 'Into The Void', and 'Into the Void' actually had a different title; it was called 'Shakin' Sharp Shooter'. They were going to pass on it, but they liked the music part of the song, they liked the guitar riff which I had written with Karl Cochran (co-writer). 

Gene walked out of the studio and said to me, 'Why don't you do something spacey?' And Gene actually came up with the title. Then I said, 'Give me 45 minutes, I'll go up into the attic up here, and I'll write the lyrics...' because they weren't even going to give me a song on the record. And I came in 45 minutes, I wrote all the lyrics for the song, I went in and performed it...boom!"

Frehley has announced the Space Truckin’ Picture Disc EP, a title exclusive to Record Store Day on November 27, in the form of a 12” vinyl picture disc for his single “Space Truckin’”.

The limited-edition vinyl release also features additional bonus tracks “Mission To Mars” and “The Return Of Space Bear”. To celebrate the announcement, Ace has shared an extended double music video for “Mission On Mars” and “Space Truckin’”. Watch the clip below.

“Space Truckin’” is originally taken from Ace Frehley’s newest album, Origins Vol. 2, out now via Entertainment One (eOne), which continues Frehley’s reflections on a lifetime in music and inspiration. No stranger to cover versions throughout his musical history - having recorded, rebranded and repossessed such notable nuggets as "New York Groove," "Do Ya" and "I Wanna Go Back" throughout his eight previous studio efforts - this new collection presents a thoughtful and exciting selection of songs that inspired and helped shape the legendary guitarist. That spirit of fun is carried through with exquisite execution, and guitar aficionados will enjoy Frehley's fresh interpretations of these classic songs.

Space Truckin’ Picture Disc EP tracklisting:

"Space Truckin’"
"Space Invader" (Radio Edit)
"Mission To Mars"
"Space Truckin’" (Radio Edit)
"The Return Of Space Bear"

"Space Truckin'" - The Director’s Cut:

(Photo - Jay Gilbert)

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